Executive functions (EF) refer to a constellation of cognitive abilities that are used in the service of novel problem solving activities. EFs exhibit a protracted developmental course from infancy through early adulthood. The primary goal of our research on executive functions (EF) has been the continued development and empirical evaluation of a computerized battery of tasks that are optimized for use with preschool-aged (i.e., 3-6 years) children. We refer to our battery as EF Touch.

This website serves a variety of functions. First, it provides a brief synopsis of the history and current status of our battery development efforts. Second, it serves as a repository of our published research that has involved the EF battery. Third, it serves as a (password protected) portal for collaborations with researchers at other institutions. Fourth, it provides links to commonly used measures of EF (and self-regulation more generally) for preschool-aged children.

For detailed information please read the EF Touch Manual (PDF)